05. October 2002


Dear friends!

The orchid year 2002 has come to an end. It was exciting at the sight of our frequent excursions and more than 10.000 kilometers. Now we have to sort and inscribe more than 2.000 slides ant to write our reports. And now we also will take more care of www.orchis.de. Perhaps you noticed, that our pictures of 2001 still are missing in our archives. Apart from that only few has changes. The reason is, that we are about to reorganize our data base structure which needs a lot of time. But that will be the only way to extend our homepage in future with acceptable expenditure. And we want to do that in view of the great resonance. Over 22.500 visitors just looked at www.orchis.de . Many thanks for that. Some time in winter we will present our homepage with additional archives and in a new version. Click at the picture attached and you will have a little foretaste. It's the wonderful and really rare hybrid between Epipactis palustris and Epipactis atrorubens.

The orchis.de-team


04. November 2001

The excursions of the year 2000 are now available.


05. October 2001

We added some links to other orchid websites


05. June 2001

For the friends of orchid photographie we added the new chapter "Orchideenfotografie". We are sorry but we had no time yet to translate into english.

Your help in this case is still appreciated :-) Feel free to mail us.

All the more we are very pleased that we found two orchid friends who did the french translation of the above article (LA PHOTOGRAPHIE DES ORCHIDÉES) and the excursion rapport of sicily. We like to reward Jacques Favre and Patrick Veya cordially for that.


07. January 2001

The profit of the year 2000 is via "Photographic Archives" on call. By the way we have now 1124 photographies available.


17. October 2000

The new chapters "Genus" and "Protection of nature" are finished. The chapter "Variability" was revised and extended.


25. September 2000

Finally we made it. the excursion year 99 is completely documeted. French Alps Part I and Part II are online.


24. September 2000

The Excursion rapport "Schwäbische Alb 1999" is finished (at last). One other rapport (French alps) is coming soon...


17. September 2000

New Design

Since more then one year we are in the web now. Our counter exceeds more than 5200 visitors. That spured us to improve the advantage of our site. So we implimented a new navigation and design. We hope you enjoy it.

Write us your opinion: Webmaster@orchis.de

04. March 2000

The Excursion rapport about Alsace is completed. German only. If you want to help us to translate it in english please feel free to contact us.

We added new Pictures to our "What is this" column. We think that the responses have been very "scarce"in the past . Where are the experts???


27. February 2000

We have implemented a database for faster results at the picture archive. We hope you enjoy it.


12. February 2000 The Excursion report about Sicily is finished ( 8 Parts at all). Sorry but only available in german.

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